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Century’s Tex Marker Price in bd

৳ 75.00

Century’s Tex Marker

Century’s Tex Marker is a collapsible aluminum writing device filled with ink used for marking fabric samples for identification. It is used by textile mills & processing houses before the dyeing and finishing processes of grey fabric for identification, quality control, shrinkage, pilferage, etc. The marking remains permanent, bright & opaque even after the dyeing & finishing processes are completed. It is widely used in the textile industry for dyeing, bleaching, hosiery, knitting, scouring & weaving processes.


  • Bright and opaque markings on all kinds of fabrics including cotton, denim, polyester, wool, etc.
  • Permanent, Heat-Proof, Quick drying, and no bleeding.
  • Resistance to Acids, Alkalis & other chemical aggressions in finishing processes.
  • Markings can withstand all textile sorting/sizing and finishing processes.
  • Quick identification of lots of fabrics dyed in dark shades also.
  • The most economical method of marking on gray fabrics before processing.
  • Available in 3 ball-point sizes for different types of fabrics
  • Ink content: 60 ml (70g)
  • Key provided to squeeze out the ink from the marker for optimum utilization & smooth flow.
Direction of Use: 

  • Open cap.
  • Insert the aluminum key provided with the marker at the bottom end of the tube & start rolling upwards for pressure.
  • Mark on a 90-degree angle for smooth ink flow. Keep rolling the key as pressure reduces.
  • Do not fold the tube back & forth as it could lead to puncture.
  • Do not use it on surfaces other than fabrics.
  • Put the cap back on after use.

Colors Available:

Note: Colors pink and violet are make-to-order


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