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Lutron Sound Level Meter (SL-4012)

৳ 16,200.00

  • Resolution 0,1 dB.
  • Frequency 31.5 to 8,000 Hz.
  • Accuracy (23 ± 5˚C).
  • Measurement Range 30 – 130 dB.

A Sound Level Meter is an instrument that is designed to measure sound levels in a standardized way. It responds to sound in approximately the same way as the human ear and gives objective, reproducible measurements of sound pressure levels. Sound Level Meters are used to measure and manage noise from a variety of sources, including industrial plants, road and rail traffic, and construction work. Sound Level Meter comprises a microphone, a preamplifier, signal processing, and a display.

Lutron Sound Level Meter (SL-4012) is Quality being the sole concern, we offer a wide range of Sound Meters that are known for their matchless attributes. Our entire product range is available in different specifications. We have an in-house quality auditing team that tests the entire product range on specified parameters, thereby ensuring its durability and reliability. Our entire product range is configured with advanced technologies.


  • Accurate Results Sound Level Meter.
  • Flawless Performance Sound Level Meter.
  • Technically advanced Sound Level Meter.
  • Easy to operate Sound Level Meter.


Name Details
Model SL-4012
Brand Lutron
Origin Taiwan
Measurement Range 30 – 130 dB
Resolution 0,1 dB
Frequency 31.5 to 8,000 Hz
Accuracy (23 ± 5˚C)
Display 52 mm x 32 mm LCD 5 digits (Liquid Crystal Display)
Calibrator B & K (Bruel & Kjaer), Multi-Function Acoustic Calibrator
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Operating Humidity < 80% RH;
Power Supply 006P DC 9V battery ( Alkaline or heavy duty type ), Power
Consumption Approx. DC 6mA
Output Signal AC output – AC 0.5 Vrms corresponding to each range step, Output impedance – 600 ohms, RS232
Output Terminal Terminal 1: RS232 computer interface terminal, Terminal 2: AC output terminal
Range Selector Auto Range 30 to 130 dB
Manual Range 3 range, 30 to 80 dB, 50 to 100 dB, 80 to 130 dB, and 50 dB on each step, with over & under ranges indicating
Terminal Socket Size 3.5 mm dia. phone socket
Function dB (A & C frequency weighting), Time weighting (Fast, Slow), Hold, Memory (Max. & Min.), Max. hold, AC output, RS232 output
Microphone Type Electric Condenser Microphone
Microphone Size Out size, 12.7 mm DIA. (0.5 inch)
Weighting Network Characteristics of A & C
Weighting Network Characteristics of A & C
Time weighting (Fast & Slow) Fast: t=200 ms, Slow: t=500 ms
Time weighting (Fast & Slow) Fast: t=200 ms, Slow: t=500 ms “Fast” range simulates the human ear response time “Slow” range makes it easy to get the avg. values of vibration sound levelThe “Fast” & “Slow” response range are designed to meet IEC 651 type 2 requirement
Calibration VR Build-in external calibration VR, easy to calibrate on 94 dB level by screwdriver
Power Consumption approx. DC 6 mA
Dimension 268 x 68 x 29 mm (10,6 x 2,7 x 1,1 inch)
Weight 285 gr. (0,63 lb), including battery
Accessory included Instruction Manual


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