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50 Litter Universal (Oil/Chemical) Spill Kit Bag (USK-U50L)

৳ 7,500.00

Compared with the existing universal spill kit bag on the market, our reinforced spill kit bag is completely changed to a new nylon waterproof, thickened puncture-resistant yellow outer bag. It is equipped with corresponding oil-absorbing or chemical-absorbing cotton sheets, cotton slivers, adsorbents, and other decontamination products.








Instructions of 50 Litter Universal (Oil/Chemical) Spill Kit Bag (USK-U50)

  • First, quickly take out the matching oil-resistant gloves and protective glasses from the combination suit, and put them on;
  • Spray strong adsorbent on the periphery of the leaking liquid, use a plastic shovel or other tools, and stir the liquid to gradually become viscous until solid;
  • At the same time, quickly take out the adsorption strips, and connect them in sequence to block oil leakage or chemicals, so as to prevent further diffusion and contamination of a large area of the environment;
  • Take out the absorbent cotton sheet and place it on the enclosed oil surface or chemical liquid surface, relying on the strong adsorption force of the absorbent cotton sheet to quickly absorb the oil or chemical;
    Take out the wiping paper, and carry out the final complete absorption treatment of the residual oil after the adsorption cotton sheet and the adsorption strip are coarsely absorbed;

Finally, take out the oil-proof garbage bag, clean all the used adsorption cotton sheets, adsorption strips, viscous liquid or solid, and other impurities into the chemical-proof garbage bag, tie the bag mouth, and put it in the leakage emergency treatment bucket Transfer it out and hand it over to a professional waste disposal company for disposal.



Applications of 50 Litter Universal (Oil/Chemical) Spill Kit Bag (USK-U50)

  • Suitable for cleaning, containment, and prevention of any possible oil and chemical leakage areas, including manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical industry, marine emergency rescue, ports, fire protection, hydropower stations, energy and power industries, and environmental protection bureaus, chemical plants, oil fields, oil bases and any other places that need to remove leaked liquids.
  • Especially suitable for marine oil spill emergency rescue, port terminals, shipping ships, environmental cleanup companies, laboratories, schools, hydropower departments, municipal water treatment plants, public transportation, auto repair, hospitals, etc.




Packing Information of 50 Litter Universal (Oil/Chemical) Spill Kit Bag (USK-U50)

  • Portable Bag                  1 pc
  • Absorbent Pad             25 pieces (50 × 40)cm
  • Absorbent Pillow           2 pieces
  • Absorbent Socks           3 pieces (7.6 × 120)cm
  • Hazmat Disposal Bag   2 piece
  • Cable Tie                         2 piece
  • Safety Goggles               1 piece
  • Safety Gloves                  1 pair
  • Cleaning Powder           1 Box
  • User Manual                   1 piece



Features of 50 Litter Universal (Oil/Chemical) Spill Kit Bag (USK-U50)

  • Supplying a Universal (Oil/Universal) Spill Kit with a proper user guide.
  • Ensuring the disposable full package of Universal (Oil/Chemical) Spill Kits.
  • Has been merged with 10 (Ten) individual types of premium material.
  • There is no substitute for a spill kit to keep clean & safe the valuable workplace.
  • International standard & certified raw material is enough for ensuring human safety.
  • Used to absorb the melting or falling Oil & Chemical; portable & can be used in easy procedures.


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